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Xerox - Xerox Common Access Card Reader & Enablement Kit With SIPRNET Reader Enablement Kit

SMART card reader - for PrimeLink C9065, C9070; VersaLink B7035, B7125, B7130, B7135, C7120, C7125, C7130, C9000


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Main Specifications
Product Description Xerox Common Access Card Reader & Enablement Kit With SIPRNET Reader Enablement Kit - SMART card reader
Device Type SMART card reader
Designed For Phaser 3610; PrimeLink C9065, C9070; VersaLink B400, B7025, B7025/B7030/B7035, B7030, B7035, B7125, B7130, B7135, C400, C500, C600, C7000, C7120, C7125, C7130, C8000, C9000
Device Type SMART card reader
Dimensions & Weight (Shipping)
Shipping Width 24 in
Shipping Depth 19 in
Shipping Height 16 in
Shipping Weight 2.56 oz
Compatibility Information
Designed For Xerox Phaser 3610/DN, 3610/DNM, 3610/N, 3610/YDN, 3610/YDNM, 3610V/DN, 3610V_DN, 3610V_DNM, 3610V_N ¦ Xerox PrimeLink C9065V_F, C9065V_FO, C9070V_F, C9070V_FO ¦ Xerox VersaLink B400, B400/DNM, B400/YDN, B400DN, B400N, B400V/DN, B400V/DNM, B400V_N, B7025, B7025/B7030/B7035, B7025/DM2, B7025/DS2, B7025/HM, B7025/HM2, B7025/HXFM2, B7025/HXFS2, B7025/SM, B7025/SM1, B7025/SS2, B7025/YHXF, B7025V, B7025V/D, B7025V/S, B7030, B7030/DM2, B7030/DS2, B7030/HM, B7030/HM1, B7030/HM2, B7030/HS2, B7030/HXFM2, B7030/HXFS2, B7030/SM, B7030/SM1, B7030/SM2, B7030/SS2, B7030V/D, B7030V/F, B7030V/S, B7035, B7035/DM2, B7035/DS2, B7035/HM, B7035/HM1, B7035/HM2, B7035/HS2, B7035/HXFM2, B7035/HXFS2, B7035/SM, B7035/SM1, B7035/SM2, B7035/SS2, B7035V/F, B7035V/S, B7125/ENGD2, B7125/ENGH2, B7125/ENGS2, B7130/ENGD2, B7130/ENGH2, B7130/ENGS2, B7135/ENGD2, B7135/ENGH2, B7135/ENGS2, C400, C400/DNM, C400/YDN, C400DN, C400N, C400V/DN, C400V/DNM, C500/DN, C500/DNM, C500/N, C500V/DN, C500V/DNM, C500V/N, C600/DN, C600/DNM, C600/DT, C600/DX, C600/DXF, C600/DXP, C600/N, C600/YDN, C600V/DN, C600V/DNM, C600V/N, C7000/DN, C7000/N, C7000V/DN, C7000V/N, C7120/ENGD2, C7120/ENGS2, C7120/ENGT2, C7125/ENGD2, C7125/ENGS2, C7125/ENGT2, C7130/ENGD2, C7130/ENGS2, C7130/ENGT2, C8000/DT, C8000/DTM, C8000V/DT, C8000V/DTM, C9000/DT, C9000/DTM, C9000/YDT, C9000V/DT, C9000V/DTM

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